Sex capitals of the world: Sosua, Dominican Republic

Sosua, Dominican Republic, the view from Playa Sosua, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean


It has been three months of mayhem in Sosua, in the Dominican Republic. It’s where I decided to start my global adventure for one simple reason: it’s the cheapest place to live in the Caribbean.

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It’s also one of the best places for single men to come, I’ve since found out. I left it off my recent best vacation destinations for single men list because of a police crackdown on the girls, which included closing most the big clubs.


But now, with some time on the ground, I can confirm it’s easier to get laid than to get a coffee around here.


1. Where to stay in Sosua, Dominican Republic


Now if you’re coming, forget about hotels, rent an apartment in Sosua, instead, through Airbnb. Use my discount coupon to get $40 off your booking:


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If you don’t want to gamble on an apartment then you can stay where pretty much everybody else does, Casa Marina Beach Resort.

Casa Marina Sosua Dominican Republic

That costs $66 a night, all inclusive, so you can eat and drink everything you want and it is good value. It’s right on the beach, a few minutes walk from the action, it’s pretty stunning and it has everything you could ever want.


Seriously, that includes the staff. They’re pretty much all available for about 3000 pesos ($60) a night, including the dancers in the shows.


You will have to pay $40 to get a girl in from outside, so it ramps up the costs. Just be aware.


Anyway, here is a quick and dirty guide to Sosua, DR:


The hookers of Sosua, Dominican Republic


2. This is a whore town, don’t bring your girlfriend

This place is a single man’s playground and it is also full of girls from the Dominican Republic and Haiti that have no problem offering themselves out at any time of day. At night the main drag in Sosua is full of girls that will grab you by the arm. Minutes later, they can be in your room.


While that’s great if it’s what you’re looking for, I have seen wide-eyed families and couples emerge from a run, and it turns into a run at some point, down the main strip with eyes so wide you’d think they’d just escaped Aleppo.


There are a few restaurants and bars on the strip apart from the big clubs, but there really isn’t much in Sosua.


The clubs are basically whorehouses and you need to head to Cabarete for a normal night out. It’s just down the road, though, and the bars and clubs that line the beach really feel like a normal, less grubby kind of holiday resort.


The beaches are amazing and Playa Sosua is pretty much paradise. But this is absolutely a single man’s travel destination. Girls will hit on you on the beach, in the street, in a restaurant and just about everywhere else. Until you get used to saying no gracefully, it can get pretty weird.


In Sosua, everything closes down at 1am during the week and the big clubs go until 3am at the weekend.


3. Are girls from the Dominican Republic hot?


Yes, clearly. Some of these girls from the Dominican Republic and neighbouring Haiti will blow your mind. There’s the whole spectrum, from paler skin and skinny hips to the stereotypical thick ass Latina and the ebony Haitians that come in all shapes and sizes too.


Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just have a look at Dominican Cupid. It’s free to join and if you’re heading down here then it can save you a lot of time, you can have a Rolodex of girls ready to go.


I have used it myself and you can meet a better quality of girl on here, especially if you broaden your search to 25km outside Sosua. Get to know the girl and she’ll come to town for the weekend, so you can leave the Sosua street rats for the other guys.



Look a bit closer on the girls in the street and you’ll see signs of a hard life.


A lot of these girls have a scar or three to their name. Most of them have kids, too, and they’ve bounced back from that with varying degrees of success. Drug addiction can be an issue, too, so look for the signs.


Dominican girls aren’t really a match for Colombian or Brazilian women in the face, either.


But when their body is good then it’s really good. Haitians have truly dark, amazing skin and they can be absolute stunners, too.


So yes, Sosua has some stunning girls, although it isn’t quite a match for mainland South America.


If you are here for a while, too, you’ll end up taking some strange girls home to tick off boxes.


One night I wanted a proper, giant, solid, Dominican ass.


That, and a lot of local rum, is pretty much the only explanation I can offer for the girl that everybody knows simply as Stiffler’s Mom…


Stiggler's Mom, in Sosua, Dominican Republic

4. The main clubs are Classicos and City Lights. One is much cheaper than the other…


Classicos are where the upscale girls go, out of towners that come for the weekend to earn the big money, but it’s also a haven for girls from the street that somehow slip through the net.


As soon as they’re in there, there’re charging 2000-3000 pesos ($40-$60) for a couple of hours.


That isn’t a bad deal in the civilized world, but it’s expensive for Sosua.


On the plus side you’ll get some top class girls in there and if you’re coming for a good time, not a long time, then you’ll find the girl you want.  But don’t agree to the first price she gives you. Whatever it is, you can cut a deal.


They expect to negotiate and always have a firm deal before you leave.


Just down the road you’ll see City Lights, which is mostly full of Haitian girls. They’re stunning, they tend to have much darker skin and they’ll generally spend the whole night for 1000-2000 pesos ($30-$40).


Pay them afterwards, when they haven’t rushed off after 10 minutes and you’re happy with your life. Some girls will stay the night, wake you up in the morning the best possible way and then have breakfast with you before taking off.


Others will want to get one more client in before the end of the night and will try and short time you.


If we had no connection, I’m happy to let them go and you tend to find the ones that stay actually feel pretty comfortable with you and wouldn’t mind hanging round as a GFE for as long as possible.


The easiest ones to get along with, in that respect, are the Haitians.


Some of the girls here would be models in the US, others wouldn’t, but you can find some great girls and if you want to feed them, take care of them and treat them to some of the finer things in life then they’ll do a deal.


You’ll spend the same, if not more, but it can feel a little less sleazy to have one long term girl.


The best seat in town at Bar Schlemmer


5. The best seats in town are in Bar Central, Bourbon Street and The Schlemmer.

You can wander the streets like lecherous lads on tour, and you will, but the best way to see the sights of Sosua is to take a seat inside the open frontage of Bar Central, Bourbon Street or the German café.


The Schlemmer Stube is one of the cheapest places to eat, too. Bourbon Street tends to be pricier, although the quarter chicken and sides is a bargain at 250 pesos and the quarter rack of ribs is just 50 pesos more. In both cases, you’ll be damned full.


But when you’re done, order a beer or a Cuba Libre and take a pew at the front of any one of these places and all the girls of Sosua will eventually make their way past.


You can call them over, have a drink and then see if you want to go further.


It’s a good way to get to know them and even if you can’t speak Spanish then you can bluff your way through with your phone’s translator.


If the girl sits there moodily on her phone, you probably aren’t going to have the best time. That drink can be a cheap way of deciding if you want this girl at all.


If you don’t want to wait, Bar Central even has rooms to rent by the hour for 400 pesos ($8) and if for whatever reason you don’t want to use your hotel, or you can’t, then you can jump on a moto taxi and head to Dulce Secretto, where a room will cost 600 pesos ($12) for three hours.


6. You can find sexier girls online at Dominican Cupid


The girls on the street are, well, street girls. They’re a world away from the Crack whores you’ll find down by the tracks in every major US city, but they’re not the best that the Dominican Republic has to offer.


So if you want the very best, then get online before you come and get four or five girls lined up. It will save you time and money as you can agree the price, in writing, before you ever meet.


That will save you getting stung by a club girl when you’ve had a drink or two.



7. You can live really cheap here, apart from the girls


If you want to live on a budget then you really can down here and it’s even possible to live on $20 a day.


My first apartment in Sosua cost $13 a day through Airbnb and it was actually a condo in a hotel that normally cost $49 a night.


You can do even better and get a cheaper deal with my Airbnb coupon that will give you a $40 discount.


Check the site and you’ll see that it works out way cheaper than staying in a hotel. Most hotels charge an additional fee for bringing girls back, too, or ban it altogether.


I stayed at Plaza Europa and they charge a $15 fee to the regular guests to bring a ‘friend’ home. Because I booked through Airbnb I was a private client, so no extra bills…


You can spend more, but Airbnb has some incredible deals and works out way cheaper than a hotel, especially if you’re staying for a month.


8. Eating out


Chez Monreal, the café on the main intersection in the town, does a bargain breakfast for 150 pesos, including free coffee refills. It isn’t much, but it is cheaper than two coffees elsewhere…


Head to Tropical, behind the Jolly Roger pub on the high street, for a budget lunch.


It’s a canteen style and you pick and choose what you want, but it’s a balanced and pretty big portion for less than 300 pesos.


For dinner, Schlemmer does good, cheap food that the locals trust. So grab a 300 pesos Schnitzel and fried German potatoes, or half a chicken and fries for 250 pesos.


That’s about $5-6 for a filling, if not particularly healthy, evening meal.  El Conde , El Rancho and even the Brittania Pub all do good food.


Some of the food on the beach is incredible, too, including Big D’s BBQ. Some of the fish from the smaller restaurants, straight from the sea and on to the BBQ, is the best you’ll ever taste.


If you want to splash out, then head to Waterfront restaurant by Playa sin Salida. It’s pricey, but you can watch the sun go down from the clifftop terrace that overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.


Get an apartment and you can head to Playero supermarket and live like a local. Watch out, processed foods generally come from the US and they get seriously expensive. If you’re doing that then just eat out.


Fresh meat, though, is a bargain and you can get a great steak for $2, a cooked chicken for about $5 and bread for almost nothing.


9. Is Sosua safe?


Yes, for the most part. The police patrol the streets pretty much constantly and I’ve never had one single problem on the street.


I take basic precautions, no jewelry and just the money I need for the night in my pocket. But apart from people trying to accost you in the street to take you home, or others trying to sell you shit or just ask for money, it’s safe.


When you take a chica back to your place, that’s a different story.


You have invited a girl who might well live in one of the shanty towns on the edge of Sosua, in a shack with no running water and holes in the walls, into your home.


You are a rich Gringo and if you have left money lying around then you have nobody to blame but yourself. Use the safe and anything that won’t fit in there just lock it away before you go out.


You never know what will happen. But if something in your apartment is easy to take, then you’re asking for trouble.


I knew one girl for two months and she still stole from me, it seems to be hardwired. So don’t take any chances and don’t let your guard down with a Sosua chica.


10. What are the chica tricks in Sosua?


Chica tricks include trying to jack up the price when they get to your place. Some will even threaten to call the police, start raising hell or put their fists up to fight you.


Just accept that you got a bad one, very firmly negotiate it, but let them have a small win. Give them what you agreed, plus 500 more, and then just get them out of there with minimal fuss.


If the police come to your door it will probably cost you a lot more to smooth it all out.


You are an ATM for the girl and she will try to get as much as she can, in any way she can.


Even if she gives a straight, good deal, If you see a girl more than once you’ll probably hear about her baby/mother/brother’s medical bills, their rent and all kinds of other scams.


They don’t give it away for free either. If they do, they’re probably softening you up for a big payday and you should be seriously on your guard.


If you want to practice the art of game, go to Santo Domingo or Santiago. You can use your skills to get the right girl at a good price and make sure you both have a good time in Sosua, but it’s always pay to play.


So this is pretty much a good training wheels location if you’re just starting out on your own game or red pill journey.


Just stick to a straight deal with a girl, don’t get sucked in and if they start giving you stories then just ditch them. They’ll be nothing but trouble from that point on.


11. What else is there to do?


Well, not much. The beach is paradise itself, but the town is small and the hooker thing is kind of omnipresent.


So you can laze around on the beach and swim with Nemo, Dory and hundreds of friends in crystal clear waters. You can go diving on the reefs, too, or kitsesurf in Cabarete. Boat tours and fishing are also pretty big here.


There are two casinos where you can go to lose some money and they have occasional boxing matches and shows on. But this is all just a backdrop for the action in the street and the clubs.


12. What about drugs?

They’re seriously illegal here in the Dominican Republic and really not that good, by all accounts. If you want anything ‘under the counter’, just ask a chica you have some form of bond with to get it.


Do not, ever, buy anything from the motoconchos.


At best you’ll pay ridiculous gringo prices for terrible stuff, but it can get worse.


Motoconchos are the deathtrap motorbike ‘taxis’ that patrol the streets and whistle at you to get on and they’re also pretty keen to supply you with other things.


Sometimes you’ll get what you want, other times you’ll get a knock on the door from the police.


Just don’t  chance it.


It’s a laid back country and it doesn’t have many rules for tourists. So respect the ones they do have and save the weed for Jamaica.


13. Do you need a car in Sosua?


If you stay in the center of town you really shouldn’t need to rent a car, as Cabarete is a 50 pesos ride away in the tranporte publico, a little minivan that goes until the early hours. Puerto Plata also has a pretty decent promenade that is good for a day’s entertainment.


I’ve found myself heading out to Cabarete and really want to spend more time in Puerto Plata, but then there is a technicolor show all day and night right on my doorstep and it gets addictive in its own weird way. Most the action takes place in a few hundred meters.


The place is so small that a car is pretty much an inconvenience anyway, so you can easily get by here without one.


14. What is the age of consent in Sosua, Dominican Republic


This is important and a shock to some people.


The age of consent in the Dominican Republic is 18, no exceptions. People have got into all sorts of trouble and you do not want to mess with this rule.


If you’re talking to a girl who looks 18, you’re playing with fire.


Even talking to a girl in the street who turns out to be underage could be a minefield you just do not need.


All the girls carry their ID, too, so if she doesn’t have one then you should run a mile.


You’re much better off with a slightly older girl. We’re talking 22 or 23, just play it safe.


The police in Sosua are good and for the most part they will let you get on with your life. Just don’t give yourself problems.


If this post helped and saved you some money, then please remember to buy me a beer!





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