Sex Doll Gets More Clients Than REAL Hookers!

An Austrian brothel has an interesting social experiment going on. They offer a top of the line sex doll, alongside normal hookers, and the doll is the most popular girl they’ve got!


Don’t think it’s because ‘she’ is cheap, either, the clients pay $85 an hour for sexy time with this silicon oddity.


Fanny is a blonde Asian, so the jokes are piling up thick and fast without trying too hard.


You’ll be pleased to know that the staff at Kontakthof, Vienna, clean and disinfect Fanny between appointments.

Copyright: Kontakthof, Vienna

Why Choose A Sex Doll?


Still, it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs when men have the option of real women and they actively choose to screw a sex doll.


There’s no saving and there’s no extra effort involved to snare a real woman.


These men didn’t have to go to a bar. They didn’t have to pull any fancy moves. They literally paid their money and took their choice.


And they chose a sex doll.


It’s not  even a unique phenomenon, either, as we recently told you all about a sex-doll brothel in Barcelona that is doing a roaring trade.


Women: Take This As A Warning


Women should be very worried indeed and might want to check their attitude generally.

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That’s because this sex doll isn’t even very good. It’s the most realistic option we’ve got right now, but that’s going to change in a hurry.


AI Sex Robots Will Be Awesome


We’re really not that far away from AI-equipped robots. Material science, too, is coming along in leaps and bounds.


So instead of manipulating a doll that smells of rubber and disinfectant, we should soon be able to get down and freaky with a robot that responds like a real woman.


The same type of water system that cools computers should warm the ‘skin’ and a doll with a decent onboard computer, hooked up to the Cloud, should be more intelligent than the drunk girl you meet in a club before too long.


No Moods, No Cheating, No STDs


She’ll always be in the mood. She’ll never give you Chlamydia. She won’t cheat. She’ll never want to go shopping and she will never, ever shit test you.


She’ll even do that nasty thing you like.


Right now, we think it’s all a bit creepy. I wouldn’t mind betting we’re going to look back and wonder how we ever felt this way, though.


And a lot of woman are going to be really pissed off that they don’t get to use that pussy pass anymore as men simply shrug their shoulders, abandon them and head off to the sex doll store…

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We could even have brothels full of the things.




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