Shit Tests For Girls You Need To Use

There are literally thousands of articles about shit tests that men have to take like some kind of rite of passage to get into a girl’s pants. But how many have you read that go the other way?


The truth is that there are shit tests for girls and you should use them before you invest much time, money and emotion into a girl that could turn out to be a total basket case.


The sad fact is that there are more and more girls out on the dating scene that, frankly, don’t deserve your time. They have all kinds of labels and you’ve undoubtedly already read about:


  • Flakey Chicks
  • Entitled Princess Syndrome
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Narcissistic girls.


Luckily, the basic shit tests for women I’m about to give you will filter out pretty much all of these. It’s almost the same group of tests for a BPD or NPD girl, but in essence you’re always testing for the same thing:




It’s the root cause of pretty much all the shitty behavior you’re likely to find on the dating scene and it’s a total dealbreaker if you have any self-respect whatsoever. You cannot  have a good time with an insecure girl unless it’s a one-night thing. They’ll project their bullshit and they’ll constantly stir up drama. They’re never going to be worth it and a few simple shit tests for women will mean you escape the harpee’s clutches.


If you show up right and keep up your end of the bargain and she’s failing dismally, treating you with disrespect and generally jerking you around, then there has to be a reason. Normally it’s insecurity and self-loathing.


Shit tests for women, what you need to know


Never try and save these Princesses


Guess what? It’s not your job to fix her. It’s your job to hard next her and move on to a better woman.


Spend time trying to fix these girls and you’ll lose yourself. Even if it doesn’t get to the stage where you’re a quivering, anxious wreck, you’ll condition yourself to expect less than the best and you’ll even develop an attraction for the wrong kind of girls that will let you down again and again.


That will color your whole view of women and there are a lot of angry rants out there on the internet to prove it.

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Keep insecure girls for casual fun


Insecure girls are great for hookups and casual sex. They’ll give that to you on a plate, it’s the upside of their insecurity. So don’t bother playing these games if it’s just a one night stand as you might end up cock blocking yourself.


But, if you want something meaningful, these are the girls you need to eliminate from your little black book as soon as humanly possible.


So how do you do it?


Don’t employ all of these tests at once, or you’ll look like an asshole. Slip them in deliberately, though, and make sure you watch her reaction. Don’t take the time to pull out the red flags and then ignore them, or you’ll pay the price further down the line.


Shit tests for girls


1. Make her pay

Don’t be a simp who pays for everything. Don’t keep pumping in coin and hoping to hit the sex jackpot. Let her buy a round, don’t leap in to buy her clothes, be smart about it. Set up the wrong dynamic at the start and you’ll never even know if she’s into you or not, she’ll ride that horse for as long as she can and she’ll wring out every last cent.


If you make one of these girls pay for their own shit, they’ll be on the prowl for a real sucker the next night. Let them go and wish them well. A woman with integrity and decency won’t even think about it, she’ll pay for her own stuff and won’t hold it against you.


2. Say no to her


This was my one simple test to see if a girl is worth dating and it still holds true. In the early days, say no to something that’s an inconvenience for you. Don’t explain, don’t apologise, just say no.


If she takes it with good grace, then awesome. If she shouts, pouts or goes silent then you’ve got the start of an entitled princess on your hands and you really might want to think about showing her the door.


A girl that simply expects everything she wants is going to be a nightmare to be around. She’ll get more and more demanding and to be honest it’s human nature if you’re allowed to get away with it. So, give her a boundary, stick to it and see how she reacts. It’s one of the best shit tests you can employ as it will weed out the BPD and NPD girls too.

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3. Compliment someone else in front of her


You have to do this one the right way, but it can shine a light on her character and it’s really worth doing. If she’s talking about her friends, just slip this in: “Oh yeah, she’s really pretty.”


If she has a solid sense of self and she’s not easily threatened then it won’t even register. She’ll say yes and move on. If she’s a molten bag of crazy, then she’ll start World War III. If she does, then you know what you have to do.


4. If she’s late, don’t be there.


Everybody has their cut-off point for when a date is late, but nothing speaks quite so loud as not waiting around like an idiot. If she turns up late and she hasn’t told you or she’s sent a half-assed text, just don’t be there when she arrives. Her response will tell you everything.


If she apologises, says yeah I’m an ass, sorry, then everything is good. If she flies off the handle and starts turning it round on you, tell her to have a nice life.


She just tried to turn you into her manservant. Let her know that’s not OK.


5. Neg her


Yes, this one is straight out of the PUA playbook, but you’re doing it for a totally different reason. You’re not trying to show her she’s not special and make her work for you. You’re seeing how she handles a gentle insult.


Don’t go overboard, don’t tell her she looks like a fat pig. But just break out the typical banter you’d use with your male friends. Call her out when she says something dumb, maybe suggest she’s slightly retarded, or go the other way and say: “Well done Einstein.”


If she takes it in good humor, it’s a great sign. If she gets all shitty about it then you’ve just revealed her fragile ego and this is only going to get worse.


6. Flake on her, for a good reason


This is advanced level stuff and you should save it to the end. But when you’ve arranged to go out, or you’re due to go shopping or some other lame thing, have something better to do. Just tell her you’ve been called in to work, or you’ve got something you’ve got to get done, and you’ll have to take a rain check.

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A good woman will understand that your mission in life comes first. In fact, she’ll respect you for it. A flakey chick will be angry that she’s not the center of your universe and she’ll either let you  have it or she’ll give you the silent treatment.


Either one should be a dealbreaker. If you spend serious time together then there will be occasions where you have to put work or other engagements first. A girl with healthy self-esteem won’t take it as a personal insult. An unhealthy girl? Well, you figure it out.


7. Share a problem

Don’t be a whiney bitch about it, that’s a quick way to look weak and it can even turn a healthy woman off. But if you’ve been dating for a few weeks then let her know about something, totally unrelated to her, that’s bothering you.


A healthy girl will want to talk about it and help you through. That means you’re on the same team, which is so important that it just can’t be overstated.


A flakey chick that doesn’t really care that much about you won’t want to be bothered with it. They’ll give you a canned response and then go back to talking about their favorite subject: themselves. The same is true if they’re an entitled princess.They just won’t have the tools to empathise with you and focus on your problem, and that can even make them angry.


Life is full of ups and downs and you need to know you’ve got a good woman by your side before you invest in them. If they’re just not that kind of girl, you really shouldn’t treat them as anything more than a plate.


Know their limitations and you’ll never be disappointed. It’s when you go looking for more and it just isn’t there, that’s when the problems start. So, find out early.


Got any more shit tests for girls that you think might help your fellow man? Let us know in the comments!






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