Sick Meme Collection: Part 8

Male Feminists Are Thirsty White Knights


We haven’t had a sick meme for a while have we? Well have we got a surprise for you, more than 100 new adult memes for your pleasure.


Yes, they are childish fun and yes some of these adult jokes are downright offensive. But seriously, did you expect anything else from us?


We’re liking the feminist jokes more and more, because they’re just fucking hilarious. Third wave feminism is turning into a sick parody of itself and the crazy extremists are doing it to themselves.


So, screw it, we’re going to have fun with the Feminazi bitch spawn.


A Sick Meme Collection Is Free Speech


In its own special way, this sick meme collection is making a stand for free speech. We’re not going to give a fuck about racial sensitivity, sexism and stuff you’re just not allowed to say anymore.


We’re tired of that shit.


So, if you’re a snowflake, or a social justice warrior, you probably want to look away now. There’s nothing for you here.


Don’t worry, Adsense already blacklisted us and 90% of advertisers want nothing to do with us in this super sensitive world.


We’re fine with that.


Snowflakes Are Shit And Feminism Is Cancer


We don’t want that kind of person in our midst. So if you want an SJW free life, then feel free to share these memes far and wide. Share them proudly and sit back and watch the spluttering, foaming at the mouth and defriending action.


It’s beautiful.


So love the sick meme, revel in this wonderful collection of adult memes and if anybody objects then, frankly, fuck them.



Do You Need More Sick Memes?


If you love a sick meme, then there’s no such thing as too many adult jokes. So here we go, have more. These are the old ones you’ve seen before. But then this might be your first visit. I don’t know…


So if you want more adult humor, 18+ jokes and generally sick shiz. Here you go…







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