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Sick Memes: The world’s biggest collection, Part 5

It’s been a while, so we’re back with a bonus-sized helping of sick memes, adult jokes and 18+ humor. You won’t like all of them, we don’t even like some of them. In fact, we’re ever so slightly disgusted with ourselves for smiling at a few of these. 


Bu if you are partial to a bit of dark humor, a sick and twisted joke and adult humor that is just a bit wrong, then you should enjoy at least 60% of the world’s biggest collection of adult memes. It isn’t, yet, we know it isn’t. But we’re going to get there one day.



We’re quite proud of ourselves. That’s a lot of new adult memes for you to look through, and we’ve still got all the old ones here, waiting for you, so you don’t even have to flick to another page. That’s how much we care, and not a single jot more…



This is turning into a pretty respectable collection, but we’ve got a long way to go if we want the world’s biggest collection, so help us out and send us your favorites. We’ll include them in our collection, we’ll even give you a public thanks! But for now, just enjoy the madness that the combined wit of the internet can provide. Some of it is just nasty, some of it is funny, one or two of them might even be a heartwarming tale.Probably not, but you never know…


It’s just a small insight into our sense of humor, too. If we like the same things then we should probably be friends right? If you like what you see here and in the articles, sign up with the top bar and join our gang. We’ll talk about women, work, making money and living a better life. We’ll also have a lot more sick jokes. So join us, we promise it will be enlightening and fun.

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