The simplest shit test for women

Not every woman is worth your time. Some women are absolutely awesome, total keepers, but you’re only going to get to spend time with them if you ditch the trash along the way. The quickest way to do that is with the ultimate shit test.


Say no to her, say it proud and make it over something important.


Then watch her reaction.


There are lots of possible outcomes here. She can argue her case, she can listen to your point of view and you can come up with the best solution for everybody. That’s good, that’s a balanced person in the making. Don’t get too excited, this is just the first step.


But if you get another reaction, the one we’re about to talk about, don’t bother giving her a second more of your time.


A childish mood is a red flag


Some women will go into a childish mood, you can literally see them regressing into a toddler like state. They might shout, scream, cry or just say you can’t possibly love them. They could even say “fine” and then pout like a child and give you the silent treatment for the rest of the day.


They might even tell you how their last boyfriend cared so much more than you. Or that guy at work would do it for her.

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Save yourself a world of pain. Kick. This. Bitch. To. The. Kerb.


It could be Cluster B, or just a bitch


This is a girl that’s used to getting her own way and it’s possibly a sign of something much, much worse. Narcissists and Borderline Personality Sufferers simply cannot handle rejection, frustration or denial. They tend to act out viciously, like they’ve been slapped in the face.


It’s an instinctive reaction, one they cannot hide and one you should be looking for. If I’d known then what I know now, I could have saved myself a year and a half of my life trying to figure out the ‘conundrum’ of a woman who was actually just a broken bitch with mental problems.


There is just no point investing any time in a girl like this because she has no emotional maturity. Even if she isn’t a diagnosable, unbalanced lunatic, she’s still going to be a right royal pain in the ass. Not all women that behave this way are actually insane, but they have learned this kind of behavior works and they get what they want.


But that’s a no-win game. As soon as a woman has this mentality then she’s basically broken anyway. She’ll always be trying to manoeuver you into that box, into that way of thinking, because that’s how she does things.

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It will drain you, you’ll constantly be fighting for basic respect and you’ll always be looking for the con. Move on to a better woman.


Sound strange? Change your thinking


We hear all the time about shit tests for men and how women make us dance like monkeys to see if we’re worthy of their time. If you think like that, you need to have a word with yourself because even though you’re on the path by learning the stuff, there’s still an approval seeking problem at your core.


So laugh off her shit tests, but lay a few traps of your own. Don’t do everything, don’t be her butler, say no. See how she takes it, and then see if this is a woman you really want to be with.


A woman needs to earn her place by your side just as you need to earn your place by hers. This isn’t a one-way street.




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