You Can Stay in Pablo Escobar’s House

Seriously, Colombia’s most famous villain’s former abode has been turned into a 35-room hotel and you really can stay in Pablo Escobar’s mansion.


It isn’t the one in Colombia, where he spent years on house arrest, sadly. It’s his Mexican residence in Tulum.


Police seized the property back in the 1990s, when Escobar’s was killed and his criminal empire crumbled.


Stay in Pablo Escobar's old Mexican house in Tulum. It's the Casa Malca hotel now

Copyright: Casa Malca/Instagram


Pablo Escobar’s old house is now a 35-room hotel


Lio Malca, a New York-based art dealer, found out he could buy it and turn it into the Casa Malca boutique hotel.


“I could not believe that in this world, a property like this still exists and hasn’t been taken over by a corporation,” he told Cool Hunting.


It will cost between $488-$600 a night, but you get an indoor and atmospheric pool, a tastefully decorated interior punctuated by pieces from Malca’s own collection and the distinct aura of a drug baron’s hideaway.


Tripadvisor’s customers are raving about it and the hotel has a 4.5 star rating right now.


Casa Malca, Tulum, Mexico. A stunning hotel and Pablo Escobar's old house.

Narcos has made the world remember  Escobar


Esccobar’s story got two seasons on Netflix recently and the third and fourth are already in the works. Wagner Moura played Escobar and it is once again the story on everybody’s lips.

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At the height of his ‘fame’, the Colombian imported 80% of the Cocaine snorted across the whole United States and he amassed a $30 billion fortune.


Escobar died in a shootout with the police after evading them for years in 1993. But his fame certainly lives on.


Pablo Escobar's indoor swimming pool in Mexico

Copyright: Casa Malca/Instagram

This  wasn’t Escobar’s main house by a long  way


With Narcos reigniting the Escobar legend, it was smart business to buy this property in Mexico that has a tenuous connection to the fearsome Medellin Cartel at best.


The drug baron owned the Mexican mansion, but he owned a lot of things and he spent most of his time hiding from the police in much more humble surroundings.


It is pretty cool that you can stay in Pablo Escobar’s house, though, and it’s a little bit different to the Holiday Inn.


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