How to stop being a victim, first stop making excuses

Stop making excuses and take responsibility for your own life and happiness


If you’re looking to build a better life and a better you, one of the best things you can do is to stop making excuses.


Yup, man the fuck up.


It sounds simple. It isn’t.


When you really start looking for excuses, you’ll find them everywhere. From the reason why you’re unhappy at work to why you don’t have time for the gym.


When you really pay attention and start listening to yourself, you’ll be just blown away by how much bullshit you feed yourself and others on a daily basis. We all do it.


“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it,” Jordan Belfort.


Belfort went to jail, so he knows a bit about personal accountability.


Cutting out excuses isn’t just a pledge to be a slightly better person. It isn’t for anyone else’s benefit either. It’s a total mindset change and it’s all for you.
It will give you a new take on life. It’s the first step in many cases to a positive mental attitude.


You are responsible for you


That’s because instead of giving yourself, your family and friends 1000 reasons why everything is someone else’s fault, you suddenly face a very clear fact.


Wherever you are in life right now, your decisions put you there.


OK so there might have been some bad luck and some happenstance along the way. But, essentially, the decisions you made in life put you in the place you’re in right now.


Is that depressing? No! Not at all. It’s empowering.


Stop making excuses and take control


Because no matter where you are, if your decisions put you there then you can change.


You can make better decisions and be in a better place, soon. But only if you take responsibility for your own life.


The problem with excuses is that you start to believe them, too, and you end up a passenger in your own life. Nobody is at the wheel, you’re just drifting. You’re out of control and you accept that.


Here’s the newsflash, you’re still going to crash. You’re just going to have another bullshit story afterwards.


Stop being a victim


Nobody likes a victim anyway. So don’t be that person that’s always at the mercy of life and other people’s actions.


If your boss is an arsehole, get another job. If your wife is a nightmare, think about making some big decisions. Stop complaining, stop deflecting and stop whining.


Start doing.


If you cut excuses out then you have to take control of your life, suddenly you realise you’re responsible for each and every thing that happens to you. You look for solutions, rather than problems and you become a more proactive person.


So cut the bullshit, for other people and yourself. Trust me, it will be one of the most positive moves you ever make.



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