Stop Sending Money To Your Overseas ‘Girlfriend’



Do you have a foreign girl that you support with a monthly Western Union payment? A surprising amount of people do.


You need to stop it.


You’re making a fool of yourself and your ‘girlfriend’ is laughing at you.


It took me about six months to really figure out what was going on in the Dominican Republic. But this shit is true in Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil, Cape Verde and  just about everywhere else this stuff goes on.


I’m not totally immune to it either. I have lost some money, I still occasionally lose some money. The goalposts keep moving and there’s always a new scam you haven’t figured out, or a drunken moment of weakness that costs you.


The one thing I do know, though, 100%, is that if you have a foreign girlfriend that you go and see a few times a year then you are getting royally screwed. And not in a good way.



We are not allowed to take photos in the local Western Union, but it is fucking hilarious. The place has a constant line of chicas collecting money from their dutiful ‘novio’.


Some of them are collecting four, six or even eight lots of money at a time, while their real boyfriend, or pimp, waits outside.


Digest that for a moment. It’s eight different boyfriends, all of them carefully managed.


I mean it’s a lovely idea, an exotic princess struggling to get by who falls for the rich older gringo. He takes care of her and she loves him for it.


But it’s a total fantasy.


Cambodian woman, don't send her money!


If you can’t bag 9s for fun, for no money, in your home country, then don’t think coming abroad makes it simpler. You can get sex with no game. But if you’re not an absolute pussy magnet in your home country then you’re just another victim waiting to happen in these places.


You’re the enemy. Yes, she’ll sleep with you, but you’re nothing more than an ATM. She wants to get as much out of you as humanly possible, as fast as humanly possible. They have almost gamified the experience and turned it into a sport.


They sit around together and compare notes. If they get a big score, it’s like running 90 yards for a touchdown. They literally sit there lapping up the admiration and respect of their peers.


Again, I have seen it.


We’ll never be fully invited in, but there are some of these girls I see as friends, because they know that I’ll never sleep with them. Not real friends, even that would be falling into the same trap I’m describing here, but I know them well enough that they let slip some of the secrets.


They even tried a few of these on me, even though I live here…


Another picture with Maryana, such a pretty chica in Sosua, Dominican Republic


You get the standard monthly payment, but that’s just the start. Favorite emergencies you will hear about include:


Hospital bills – They even have pictures of their arm, or their children’s, with an IV. But half the time it’s not their kid, they literally share these pictures around. Even if it is them, it could be six months ago.


Empty fridges – That happens so often it’s not even funny. But guess what? If you’re sending them $200-$500, then that’s a solid reward for emptying the fridge and taking a snapshot.


Rent – Yes, they have to pay rent and they reeeeallly don’t want to screw that guy down the road to get the money. You don’t want her to either, which is why this is a surefire way to get you down the Western Union office.


Lost/Stolen Phone – Baby they really want to talk to you, but they lost their phone. They don’t need the best one, but $300 for a new phone would be great.


You Are Not The Only One Paying


The problem is you think you’re the only one. All of you think you are the only one who can rescue their damsel in distress.


But if eight of you get the same sob story, she can rake in an annual salary with some copy and paste messages.


You think you’re saving her from sleeping with other men, that she’s eternally grateful for the support she gets and that she sits at home reading the bible at night while she pines for her boyfriend to come back for that precious week together.


Think about it for a single second and you really start to comprehend what a fucktard you look like.


You’re the purest definition of a Captain Save A Ho. You’re a Western Union Papi. You’re a bitch.


These girls are professionals that have hooked relatively rational men and rinsed them for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Men Are Even Better At This Game


The guys, the legendary Dominican Sankey Pankies, are even better at it.


I personally know hotel workers that have better salaries than doctors here because three or four handpicked, gullible and stupid women are so afraid to lose their ‘relationship’ that they will put themselves in poverty just to support their ‘lover’.


Hotel work, particularly the entertainment, is the plum job on this island. Because it gives direct access to the single men and women that can afford a holiday in an all-inclusive resort.


They don’t give the job up when they land the ‘big whale’ because it can end at any time, so they need to keep feeding new ones into the top of this sexual market funnel.


The girls have taken houses, they have taken life savings and they have taken the last cent out of a man’s pocket before skipping off into the sunset and tapping up the next one on their WhatsApp list.


Here Are Some Of My Favorite Rip-Off Stories


Favorite stories include the girl sending pictures of her new white dress to her foreign boyfriend as she went to a family gathering. She forgot to mention it was her wedding day, and that he paid for the whole thing.


Another gringo got a surprise when the girl he had sent tens of thousands to didn’t answer the phone. Her boyfriend did. He thanked the guy for putting him through medical school, but told him that he could take care of his family from this point on.


Another bought a salon for his girlfriend, to set her up in business. When he arrived, there was no salon, just a few WhatsApp pictures of her friend’s place, to show for his $30,000.


Foreign Brides Can Dump You Right Away


Others will marry you, get the visa and dump you asap. It’s all planned. They choose men from countries they have friends in, with easy visa requirements, so they are clean and clear as soon as they’re through the airport gate.


That sounds dramatic, but I have actually heard of people getting dumped at the airport after spending thousands to get their sweetheart ‘home’.


If they need to spend a year with you, they will. But they’ll be counting off the days like a prisoner until they can flip you the bird, take half your stuff and head off for a new life.


The list goes on and on. There’s another horror story from every veteran you speak to. Crucially, after a whole year of listening to these stories, I can count the successes on one hand.


They got this down to a fine art. You don’t. And you’re not playing the same game.


You Are Fighting The Community


You’re not fighting the tranquil, beautiful girl who tells you how special you are. You’re competing against a hive mind, an industry, where these girls are backed up by experts. This is all they do and their job is to take your money.


These girls have been doing this for generations. Modern technology and social media have changed the game beyond recognition, but only in the girls’ favor.


Now they can manage multiple boyfriends and message your response to a group in seconds. One of them has seen it before and they have the right answer to turn the money tap back on if you’re saying no.


I have seen it. Girls have four different Facebook pages, so just because you’re their profile picture and she’s posting love memes every day, it doesn’t mean shit. It’s her job, you are her boss and she is keeping you happy.


When you’re there and her family and friends treat you like a conquering hero? Yeah, they’re all in on it. They all get paid, in some small form or another.


Again, I have seen guys visit their ‘girlfriend’ and feel like a world champion, but then they’re on the plane, the next one is on the way and the game starts fresh.


Even If You Live Together, There’s No Guarantee


Unless you’re going to move to the country and live with the girl, she is not your girlfriend. Even if you do, there could be a husband and family just down the road, which you will be paying for. In fact, that can end much worse.


In a lot of these countries, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, the Philippines, the law is not on your side, even if it is…


You can buy a house, move her in and she can call the cops the next week. You beat her, even if you’ve treated her like an angel. She gets the house, she’s set for life and if you’re very lucky then you get to go home on the next plane, tens of thousands lighter.


Some men rot in jail overseas for the crime of falling for the wrong girl. You don’t matter. She never loved you. You’re just a means to an end.


So stop it. You can buy their time and access to their body, but you can never buy their love. It’s not for sale, anywhere in the world.


Sexpat paradises are great, but you have to accept their limitations. Bring your First World ideas of love and marriage to this place and you will leave broken hearted, and broke.


The only sensible deal with these girls, the only one that works, is pay as you go. Don’t change that deal, at all, or she will think she’s got you into the first stage of a painful and expensive game.


The illusion of love is up for grabs. But that’s all it will ever be. And it will cost you dear.


And while you’re mopping up your salty lovelorn tears, they’ll be laughing at you as they fan themselves in the Western Union office with your little show of pure love, and seven more.






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