Tom Hardy Chases Down Crook

Most action movie stars are actually a bit weak, but Tom Hardy is just cut from a different cloth. Now he’s chased down a villain, smacked the shit out of him and handed him over to the police in real life.


Hardy was minding his own business in Richmond, London, when a motorcycle thief crashed in front of him and then ran off. The star of The Dark Knight Rises took off in hot pursuit. Hardy chased the criminal through a garden that apparently looked like an assault course and eventually took him down, before patting him down for weapons and handing him over to the police.


Did Tom Hardy, warrior, or the car, break the criminal’s leg?


A witness told The Sun that Hardy said: “This little shit nicked something and now he’s got himself a broken leg.”


If Hardy actually broke his leg, then that’s double hard. But, obviously, if the guy broke his leg in the crash, then that makes the chase a little bit less impressive. Pretty much any of us could catch someone with a broken leg, even I would have a go.


Still, we can’t imagine many Hollywood stars risking life and limb to catch a thief. Somehow this just fits with the Tom Hardy movies legend. He’s that bloke that every woman wants to be with and most blokes would basically swap places with him and live his life in a heartbeat. He also seems like one of those rare souls who isn’t caught up in his own fame and is prepared to get stuck in to weird shit in South West London when the opportunity arises.

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Tom Hardy, we salute you fine bit of live action heroics and doff our caps to a true English superstar who is consistently voted one of the sexiest men alive, turns up to film premieres with his dog and  generally acts like a proper top fella. 



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