Venom Looks Better Than Black Panther Already

venom coming to cinemas this summer


We know, we’re jumping the gun. But with all the hysteria surrounding Black Panther, we wanted to take a look at another Marvel movie that’s coming out this year.


Simply put, Venom looks way better.



Tom Hardy is always on point, that’s just something we’ve come to expect. He brought gravitas to Bane, he’s played a convincing lost soul on the MMA circuit and pretty much everything he has done has been amazing.


Now he takes on the emotionally challenged Eddie Brock, in an R-rated anti-hero movie that could and should get seriously dark. Ir will be more like Deadpool than The Avengers and it could go even further.


We don’t actually see Venom in all his glory in this trailer. But we know he’s going to be immense. Hardy could take his pick of the Marvel roles, but he’ll probably only get one.


The fact he chose Venom is encouraging.


We get all the excitement about Black Panther, but don’t overlook this film. It could well turn out to be much better.





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