Want to live longer? Eat cheese…

Remember when you thought cheese was bad for you and you really shouldn’t eat too much? It was probably earlier today, before you started reading this. But now you can relax and kick back with a massive mound of the stuff, because cheese is officially good for you thanks to a new study by Texas A&M University.


It’s not all cheese and it’s not all good news. But, apparently, aged cheeses that include brie, gouda, cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella are good for your liver and that is good for a healthy life.


Aged cheeses don’t include the indiscriminate blocks you get in the market. So, if you’re going to kid yourselves that you’re eating health food then go for the slightly more expensive cheeses with some real flavor and character.




Spermidine is good for your liver


These top-end cheeses contain spermidine, which stops damaged liver cells from replicating. Apparently this is a very good thing and can prevent liver fibrosis and certain types of liver cancer.


Nothing in life comes for free, sadly, and cheese is no different. As well as the money you’ll spend, you’ll also ingest massive amounts of saturated fats and sodium, which can play havoc with your blood pressure, your skin and it can also turn you into a fatty fat fat fat.

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So you might be interested to know that spermidine is also found in corn, legumes, wholegrains and mushrooms. They’re less fatty than cheese and this latest study also goes a long way towards proving appoint I have been trying to make for a while.


Cheese is officially good for you.

In moderation, most food is good for you


There is no perfect diet and a lot of the shit that is written off as bad for you can actually be really healthy in moderation. If you work out, then eggs are great. Not egg whites, whole eggs. Whole fat milk contains a huge amount of natural protein and if you exercise and you’re not cutting that last ounce of fat for a bodybuilding competition then eat the fucking chicken skin.


If you want a great start to the day, then use my awesome smoothie recipe that will do wonders for your health, skin and general well-being. Drink lots of water and then, when it comes to the other stuff, then eat what you want within reason.


Keep it balanced, keep it simple, keep it fresh and actually enjoy your food. That’s the best diet advice you’ll ever get. 90% of the crap on the internet, you can feel free to ignore.



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