Watch Banned Black Rifle Coffee Commercial

Black Rifle Coffee Banned commercial, anti-sjw, watch it here


If I was on American soil right now, I’d drink Black Rifle Coffee on pure principle, even if it tasted like horseshit.


That’s because this veteran-owned coffee company just does not give a fuck. They’re not PC, they don’t worry about using proper pronouns for he-shes and they like shooting guns and black, brutal coffee.



The company is getting pretty famous for its outrageous adverts that are triggering lefties, centers and even a few of the rights.


One advert proved too much and got banned. The really fucked up thing? It’s not the most offensive one by a long, long way. And they should have filmed it down here in the Dominican Republic, we could have found a model with a way better ass.



The worst one? I think it might be this one, where a kidnapper tries to return the worst girlfriend in the world.



In one advert, owner Evan Hafer literally says he doesn’t think we should waste our time worrying about what bathrooms to use and we should actually give a shit about the people that have done something for the country.


I’ve never met him, but I like this guy. Especially his Hipster checkpoint…



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Now we’ve started and we’re going to give you an even bigger slurp of the Black Rifle Coffee company, because if you kinda like this site then you’ll love their Youtube channel.


Guns and Freedom, what’s not to love about this?


Now we’re getting into the realms of the hilarious, in its own special way.  Remember Peter Griffin’s ‘For Pete’s Sake’? Well this is the more extreme version.



So yeah, that’s an orgy of Black Rifle Coffee Company and we didn’t even get paid. We just think it’s an awesome company, that gets the Alpha Reboot philosophy.


Buy their coffee, they deserve it for the adverts alone.



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