Watch Baseball Player Smashed in the Face by 93mph Fastball

Baseball is pretty safe as sports go, but sometimes things go wrong. Chris Ianetta found that out when he got smashed in the face by a 93mph fastball from pitcher Johnny Barbato.


Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Ianetta went up to bat, but he didn’t get very far. The pitch was always intended to be close to the body, but Barbato claims there was no malice and it simply got away from him.


“I was trying to get a fastball up and in,’ Barbato said. ‘Just got away. Obviously wasn’t on purpose or anything. I think I felt worse than anyone in the stadium at the time. Just got in there a little too much, just got away from me.


“Definitely it’s a relief when he can get up on his own and walk off. I’m going to try to reach out to him and make sure he’s all right.”


Barbato went to  hospital


That wasn’t much comfort for Barbato, who took the baseball, travelling at 93mph, right in the kisser. He fell to the ground, bleeding, and was taken to hospital for a precautionary scan.


“Any time there’s head trauma, anytime there’s something that hits you in that area you are never comfortable until a diagnosis has been made,” Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo said, according to “So, we’re taking every precaution possible to make sure he is okay.”

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We’re sure he will be. This wasn’t the worst hit in baseball by a long way. Batters do get hit by pitches more often than we think and here are some of the biggest hits of last season.



You think it’s just the batter that can get hit? Think again, here are some of the greatest hits where the pitcher has taken the brunt of the impact after the ball gets hit straight back at them.




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