Watch Scott Dixon’s Epic 200mph Indy 500 Crash!

The Indy 500 took place yesterday and it was an epic encounter that was overshadowed by Scott Dixon’s massive accident. Somehow he walked away with bruises, but you have to see this crash to believe it.


Dixon made contact with Jay Howard after 50 laps of Indy Car’s Blue Riband event and his car went airborne, basically split in two and then smashed itself to bits against the guard rail and the ground.


A  wild ride for Dixon

The New Zealand-born driver took it in his stride, though, and said: “I’m just glad everyone was ok, it was a wild ride for sure.


“When you make those decision which way to go, you’re hoping that Jay was going to stay against the wall but we saw the impact sent him down and I had already picked that way to go and there was no way to avoid him.


“It’s just a wild ride, you hold on and believe in the safety progress we have made over the last few years.” 


The series is much safer these days


Open-wheel racing in the US has made great strides when it comes to driver safety and it’s a testament to the strength of the safety cell that Dixon wasn’t seriously injured. Covered wheels are meant to prevent the cars launching into the air, but clearly when cars connect at  that speed then anything can happen.

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Dixon had taken pole position for the race with an average speed of more than 232mph, which was the fastest for 21 years. In his ideal world, he would have been going a little slower when he connected with Howard’s car.


It was a tumultuous week for Dixon. He grabbed the pole position, but was robbed at gunpoint in a fast food restaurant just hours later. Then, when he had the opportunity to win the biggest race of the year and he clearly had the car underneath him to pull it off, things went seriously wrong.



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