Woman Sends Vag Pics: Nobody Cares

A ‘controversial’ Los Angeles writer decided to send out vag pics on Tinder and Bumble to prove some kind of vague feminist point.


Sadly for her, not a single man gave a shit. Not one of them felt violated and she ended up feeding off the attention.


Who’d have thunk it?


Dick Pics Are A Violation, Apparently


Kerry Quinn was trying to prove the point that men sending dick pics is an unwelcome violation by sending pictures of a vagina, which wasn’t technically hers, without any provocation.


It backfired, though, because not one single man objected and most of them asked to meet up.


Color us all shocked…


Dick Pics Are Weird


I don’t send dick pics. Never have, never will. I just don’t think it’s a good look and I can’t imagine looking at my dick and thinking: “Yeah, a random stranger on the internet needs to see this.”


But I also know this is pretty much the dumbest fucking social experiment of all time.


Quinn was slut signaling. Any woman that sends out pictures of her vag is down to bang. That’s fairly straightforward.


We might also think they have mental issues. So we’ll use a burner phone and meet in a hotel, but you better believe we’re going to meet them.

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So guys aren’t going to be disgusted, they’re going to be delighted.


I could have told her that without sending a single picture out to anybody.


She knew it too.


This Was Attention Whoring 101


What this is, in its own weird way, is a very different kind of attention whoring.


Dressing it up as a social experiment is just pointless. Men think differently than women and if women send us pictures of their genitals then we’re going to do exactly what every man here did.


Except for one guy, who sent a picture of his dog in response and Andrew, who responded with the genius line: “Lighting is a little off.”


Read all about this pointless scheme for more attention on Thrillist.com, if you can get through the whole thing without slamming your head against a wall.


The Feminist Was Flattered


If you can, you get to the most honest part of the piece. The conclusion reads:


“In a strange twist, though, I did feel empowered, although in a much different way than I expected.


“Men were clamoring to meet me, which is a great feeling even if it’s not for the right reasons.


“I’ll be honest: even though it wasn’t mine, I stood a little bit taller for a few days all thanks to the fact that, uh, guys love v-pics.”

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So TL;DR, girl sends vag pics, guys respond well and she feels flattered. Oh the outrage…



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