Bitches Be Crazy: Cheat Sues PI!

A woman in Ohio is suing background checks site Persopo for basically doing its job and exposing her flagrant cheating.


Mary Roberts is furious that Persopo revealed ‘confidential’ information to her husband, who wanted that exact service.


In fact, she’s so angry she’s suing them for a simply massive $700 in Clark County Court.


No, that’s not a typo.


Mary Roberts legal action against Persopo


How Do You Know When Your Wife Is Cheating?


Mary’s husband started to get suspicious when she disappeared at unusual times and turned to the online agency to find out more.


He paid the $19.93 subscription, put in her details and then his world fell apart.


It took them, oooh, minutes to turn up an arsenal of dating profiles and social media connections that confirmed his worst fears.


“When I searched her name it came right up, she had accounts matching her name and email on, and many others,” he told Conservative Daily Post. “I just couldn’t believe this was the woman that I married.”


Dating Site Ends in Divorce Shocker


He filed for divorce, bringing an end to their 13-year marriage.


Roberts didn’t argue that the information was incorrect, but instead claims that the company provided confidential information. In fact, she confessed to sleeping with four different men.

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“ ruined my life by revealing private information about me,” she said.


But, well, it’s not true is it?


Dating Site Profiles Are Public For A Reason


You put a profile on a dating site so that other people can see you, and arrange to have extramarital sex with you.


It also means that anybody can browse this information, which is exactly what the website’s software did.


Dating profiles are not private. Social media is not private either and you could probably learn a lesson from the ex Mrs Roberts if you want to play away from home.


She’s Sincere, She Says


The only real offence here  could be an advertising standards complaint. Roberts claimed she had never been married, had a “few extra pounds” and used the word ‘sincere’ twice.


Yup, file this one away under bitches be crazy, and let’s hear no more about it.


Is Your Wife Cheating?


Most modern cheats leave a digital trail. So, if you’re brave enough to find out then head over to and give it a try.



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