World’s Strongest Beer is Now 67.5% Snake Venom. We’re Doomed…

The makers of Snake Venom claim that it’s the strongest beer in the world and it has just gone on sale in Great Britain. We’re still waiting for the apocalyptic fallout, but we’re sure it’s on the way.


British people love to drink beer, that’s a pretty well-known fact. The new world’s strongest beer is approximately 15 times stronger than export lagers and the Scottish manufacturer, Keith Brewery Ltd, has clearly taken the drink to an irrational extreme.


It has actually been available on the international market for a while, but now Keith Brewery Ltd has unleashed this fearsome beer with the highest alcohol content we have seen on the British public.


Do we really need a beer with this alcohol content? Probably not. It’s basically beer-based moonshine. But then you don’t have to buy it and we kind of like the fact that it’s out there.


Don’t order a large Snake Venom…


The world’s strongest beer is more potent than commercially-sold Absinthe and we’re going to have to rethink how to drink it. A big glass of the stuff might actually kill you, or at the very least it will leave you fighting thin air, shouting at ghosts and pissing yourself in the street.

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One 330ml bottle costs an eye-watering $70 (£54.99) and the company reckons you should drink it like whiskey, over ice and as a shot. It even comes with a warning label, telling you not to drink more than 35ml at a time.


So that’s alright then.


The novelty factor makes this beer dangerous


This beer is too expensive to become ‘a thing’, because even a drunk can figure out that they can afford 55 cans of 10% fortified lager, or eight bottles of cheap spirits, for the same money. That should do far more damage in the long run and comes with far more alcohol to pass the time on the local par bench.


But we think there will be a ‘honeymoon period’ and hardened drinkers will chug a bottle just to see what happens.


It could get proper ugly, we’re going to be honest. So maybe just stay inside for a while and catch up with Netflix…





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