Why You’re Wasting Your Time On Tinder

Can your iPhone make you impotent?


If you’re a total, 100% Chad, then getting sex on Tinder is like taking candy from a disabled baby.


But if you’re average, or even Chad-lite, you’re basically wasting your time swiping right on any woman with a pulse within 50 miles.




Well, you might want to sit down for this, because it’s going to be a shock.


Women have pretty shitty judgement.


You Can Boost Your Chances On Tinder


Don’t get me wrong, it can work.


You can do things to help your case and have better Tinder game.


You can have interesting pictures, you can have awesome comebacks or questions and you can have clever Gifs.


I’ll get round to an in-depth post about boosting your chances on Tinder and other dating sites soon, because women really aren’t that smart and if you’re prepared to push their buttons and even get a little creative then you can turn this game around.


Tinder game is a skill in itself and books have been written about this free online dating app that promised free hook-ups for all.


But the truth is, unless you’re in the top 20%, you’re starting at a disadvantage.


Women Think Most Men Are Ugly


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The basic issue is that Tinder surveyed both men and women with a number of samples to see how they rated the opposite sex.


Men were pretty solid and their ratings created a bell curve that neatly peaked at 5 out of 10.


Women, however, rated 80% of men as ‘below average’. So they think that anybody outside the top 20% are fodder that they just don’t want.


This 80/20 rule is frighteningly accurate and the numbers just keep coming up, in everything from work to dating. But as we analyse more and more statistical data, it’s becoming absolutely apparent that women are really all chasing the top 20% of men.


So, Tinder is a rigged game.


Girls Have An Inflated Self-Image


Remember, too, that these are the same women that think they’re hotter than they actually are thanks to thirsty betas giving them the thumbs up on Facebook and Instagram.


So a 5 who thinks she’s an 8 won’t meet a 7 who she thinks is a 4.


By that logic, and it stands up, a 7 will think she’s a 9 and won’t settle for anything less than a 10, because she’ll think she deserves the best.


And a 3 or a 4, a dumpster fire in other words, will feel entitled to a pretty solid guy because she’ll genuinely believe you’re equals.

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Seriously, land whales think they can be picky.


Get Off Tinder And Become Chad


Like I say I’ll come up with a complete post, but the main point is this. Attractive women in their 20s, girls you might actually want to have sex with, want sex with Chad.


So you can spend hours on dating sites every night, obliterating your self-esteem with rejection after rejection, or pointless conversations that tail off into a pathetic, frustrated wank at home as yet another girl disappears, or you can spend that time more effectively.


If you’re on dating sites, a lot, then stop it, right now. Spend exactly the same amount of time in the gym and in six months then you’ll be well on your way to being Chad.


The truth is, by then women will be hitting on you in the street. So, you won’t need dating sites at all…




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